Human Perception Of Vapor-Phase Stimuli Provided By Alcoholic And Dealcoholized Wines

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Human perception of dealcoholized and alcoholic wine vapor -phase stimuli presented retronasally and orthonasally was determined by 57 participants using citation frequencies. Ariel Chardonnay concentrate (35.45%) and Ariel Rouge concentrate (35.19 %) were provided by J. Lohr Vineyards &amp; Wines from their reverse osmosis process. Concentrate (<0.5% alcohol by volume (abv)), distilled water, and Everclear® (95% abv grain alcohol) created 5 wine stimuli (<0.5% abv, 3.75% abv, 7% abv, 10.25% abv, and 13.5% abv). No significant differences resulted among qualitative wine descriptions. But, ethanol was found to enhance perceived floral an d wood odor intensities retronasally and fruit and floral odor intensities orth onasally in Chardonnay wine. In Rouge wine , ethanol enhanced perceived fruit, spice, and vegetative odor intensities retrona sally and earth, spice, and vegetative odor intensities orthonasally. Inverse response probability patterns regarding retronasal and orthonasal smelling found for caramelized, flor al, and alcohol attributes in Chardonnay wine a nd animal, earth, and fruit attributes in Rouge wine indicate orthonasal a nd retronasal qualitative descriptions are not equivalent. Animal and Earth attributes in Rouge wine could suppress synergistic effects of ethanol on vegetative and fruit attributes retronasally. The type of vapor -phase stimuli (i.e. fruit or spice) mo dified by ethanol could depend on specific ethanol concentration. Understanding the impact of ethanol on vapor -phase stimuli in real wine can aid in the production of targeted wine aroma profiles and improve consumer acceptability of alcohol -removed and low alcohol content wines. Recognizing qualitative descriptions differ orthonasally and retronasally signifies that orthonasal wine evaluations should not be used to predict wine aroma profiles or investigate volatile interactions for food/ beverage products.
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