Guidelines for Climate-Smart Invasive Species Management

dc.contributor.authorColberg, Eva M.
dc.contributor.authorMorelli, Toni Lyn
dc.contributor.authorBrown-Lima, Carrie J.
dc.description.abstractClimate change and invasive species pose novel and combined challenges to ecosystem management and ecological restoration. Managers and decision-makers can address these challenges via climate-smart invasive species management, defined as any management strategy or action that considers and aims to reduce the interactive effects of climate change and invasions. To facilitate this approach in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada, members of the Northeast Regional Invasive Species & Climate Change Management Network (NE RISCC) have created a set of guidelines for how to consider and incorporate the interactive effects of climate change and invasions at multiple stages of management based on feedback from managers via surveys, formal research interviews, informal conversations, a workshop at the 2023 New York Invasive Species Expo, and an online workshop in April 2024. The focus of these guidelines is on the areas served by the NE RISCC, but can also serve as a starting point for climate-smart invasive species management efforts in other regions.
dc.description.sponsorshipU.S. Geological Survey, Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center (NE CASC) through Grant No. G21AC10648-02
dc.provenanceupdated policy language and fixed typos. 6/24/24 sbg
dc.subjectClimate change
dc.subjectInvasive species
dc.subjectClimate adaptation
dc.subjectNatural resource management
dc.titleGuidelines for Climate-Smart Invasive Species Management
dc.typetechnical report


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