Analysis Of Topological Properties Of Random Wireless Sensor Networks

dc.contributor.authorBermudez, Rodriguezen_US
dc.description.abstractConnectivity of wireless networks has been widely studied. Within the framework of wireless sensor networks, asymptotic results have been provided for the probability that a network realization will be connected. However, exact formulas for finite network deployments are missing. This dissertation solves selected connectivity problems arising in wireless sensor networks of finite size. We approach the problem through stochastic geometry and combinatorial techniques. The main topic considered in this dissertation is the connectivity of finite, randomly deployed, wireless sensor networks. The problem is to calculate the probability of connectivity given certain conditions like field of interest, number of node platforms deployed, type of infrastructure, and communication channel model. We provide analyses for multiple scenarios comprising one- and two-dimensional networks. For one-dimensional network deployments, exact formulas for the probability of connectivity are given when deterministic communication links are considered along infrastructure. We also present an analysis of a network composed of nodes having random communication radii and provide a formula for general distribution functions. For the two-dimensional network deployments approximate formulas for the probability of connectivity are provided. We consider deterministic and random communication links. In addition, we study the effects of partially connected wireless sensor network, where we allow the existence of few isolated node platforms and thus can improve other network metrics, like node energy consumption. Finally, we present an application of the obtained connectivity results. We focus on the extension of network functional lifetime through a topology control scheme. The scheme is based on the correlation of information obtained by the node platforms in the deployment. This analysis helps to illustrate the use and relevance of our results when designing wireless sensor networks.en_US
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dc.titleAnalysis Of Topological Properties Of Random Wireless Sensor Networksen_US
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