Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.08, No.4 (Winter 1974): Options for Engines

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IN THIS ISSUE: Cornell's Low-Pollution Internal Combustion Engine /2 (Ingenious and workable ways to reduce pollutants in internal-combustion-engine exhausts have come from the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. E. L. Resler, Jr., director of the School, describes how he and a Ph.D. student have developed modifications that would enable the automobile-manufacturing industry to meet emission standards without abandoning current technology.) ... The Gas Turbine as a Vehicle Engine /14 (It may have to remain in second place for a while, but the gas turbine engine is potentially a superior choice for automotive use. This is the view advanced by Frederick C. Gouldin. assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell, who is conducting research in this area.) ... Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future For Transportation Engines /23 (The inevitable and imminent exhaustion of petroleum supplies on Earth gives special importance to the emergence of hydrogen as a potential fuel. Its use in transportation vehicles is discussed by Professors P. C. T. de Boer and William McLean of the Sibley School, who are collaborating in research on engineering aspects of this application.) ... Cornell's Electric Car: The Development of an Urban Vehicle With No Emissions /31 (The electric car has a promising future as a specialized vehicle for urban use, and teams of Cornell mechanical engineering students are developing practical models in a continuing project at the School of Electrical Engineering. Professor Joseph L. Rosson describes the educational benefits of this project as well as the design and performance characteristics of the Cornell car.) ... Automotive Power Plants: The Long-Term Outlook /39 (A General Motors vice president presents his view of the outlook for various kinds of automobile engines. Wallace E. Wilson is a member of the Cornell University Engineering College Council.) ... Faculty Publications /45
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Engineering; Cornell University; Internal Combustion Engine; Pollution; Gas Turbine; Hydrogen Fuel; Cornell Electric Car; Automotive Power Plants
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