Small Farm Quarterly - Summer 2010

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CONTENTS: SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE -Cornell Small Farms Program Update, Page 3; BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -New Kind of Old Fashioned Seed Company, by Jill Swenson, Page 16; COMMUNITY AND WORLD -Community (Tax Supported) Farms - A Massachusetts Sampler, by Martha Herbert Izzi, Page 13; COWS AND CROPS -Dairy Farm Pushes the Limits: Grass and Genetics at Dharma lea Farm, by Paul Van Amburgh, Page 4; Small is Beautiful: Making a Living with 12 Cows on Wake Robin Farm, by Adrienne Masler, Page 11; FARM ENERGY -From Bats to Biodiesel, Hunt Country Vineyards Saves Energy & Dollars, by Adrienne Masler, Page 5; FOREST AND WOODLOT -Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies Developed for Landowners, by Rich Tabor, Page 18; GRAZING -Silvopasturing, by Brett Chedzoy, Page 6; Celebrating the Vitality of Grazing Farms with the Vermont Grass Farmers Association, by Jennifer Colby, Page 15; HORTICULTURE -Incredible Innovations from Overseas: Introducing the Japanese Paper Pot Transplanter, by Erica Frenay, Page 7; Workbook Guides Grape Growers Toward Sustainability, by Kara Lynn Dunn, Page 14; Flower Farm Cultivates Community and Imagination through Hands-on Classes, by Violet Stone, Page 18; LOCAL FOODS & MARKETING -Where’s the Meat?, by Kara Lynn Dunn, Page 17; NEW FARMERS -The Best Tool in the Beginning Small Farmer’s Toolbox: Mentorship, by Melissa Madden, Page 12; NON-DAIRY LIVESTOCK -How to Get Started with Sheep, by Ulf Kintzel, Page 8; NORTHEAST SARE SPOTLIGHT -Producing Natural Meat for Local Consumers in Connecticut, by Jean King, Page 9; RESOURCE SPOTLIGHTS -Planning for Effective Crop Rotation on Diversified Farms, by Charles Mohler, Page 4; USDA Rural Development Grant Makes Chautauqua County Maple Producer More Energy Efficient, by Thomas Becker, Page 5; Online Marketing-a Review of Local Harvest, by Michelle Striney, Page 17; STEWARDSHIP & NATURE -Summer Solstice, 1992, by Bill Duesing, Page 19; WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE -Annie’s Legacy, by Susan Neal, Page 6; YOUTH PAGES -The Training of Bella and Wetacchi, by Dusty Ward & Kristen Faillace, Page 10; 4-H Teaches, by Nicole Ferrara, Page 10; Horse Sense, by Jay Smith, Page 10; Moooving to the Beat of the Cow, by Lexi & Kelly Thompson, Page 11; Hopping Down the Rabbit Trail, by Charles “Chaz” Hardin, Page 11

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Small Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.


Cornell Small Farms Program, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, NYS 4-H Teen Program, NY Farm Viability Institute, NY Agricultural Environmental Management, Watershed Agricultural Council

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