"Homage In The Music Of György Kurtág" And "A Portfolio Of Three Works"

dc.contributor.authorNathan, Ericen_US
dc.contributor.chairStucky, Steven Edwarden_US
dc.contributor.committeeMemberKrumhansl, Carol Lynneen_US
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dc.description.abstractHomage in the Music of György Kurtág surveys and analyzes György Kurtág's use of homage throughout his oeuvre. In Chapter 1, Kurtág's homage compositions are placed both in historical context and in the context of his life and works, examining the circumstances surrounding the birth of homage in his music as well as the breadth of his use of musical reference: the wide range of sources he refers to, varying ways homage functions in music, and how his homage compositions may be received by audiences, performers and scholars alike. Chapter 2 presents a categorization of methods that Kurtág uses to pay homage to both musical and nonmusical sources. The categorization builds upon Sylvia Grmela's earlier classification by creating a finer lens for understanding how reference functions in his music, bringing to light additional ways in which he borrows from and alludes to outside sources, and suggesting how individual works may contain several layers of homage. Chapter 3 uses many of the compositions analyzed in Chapter 2 as examples to examine how Kurtág maintains a personal musical voice throughout his homage compositions. Chapter 4 presents a detailed analysis of one of Kurtág's longer compositions-Hommage à R. Sch.-showing that many of the categories of homage described in Chapter 2 are present in this work, and that multiple types of homage exist in single movements and over the course of the larger work.en_US
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 8251268
dc.subjectEric Nathanen_US
dc.subjectGyörgy Kurtágen_US
dc.title"Homage In The Music Of György Kurtág" And "A Portfolio Of Three Works"en_US
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