Nasal Aspergillosis in a ten-year-old Springer Spaniel

dc.contributor.authorLandry, Jami
dc.description.abstractA ten-year-old spayed lemalc Springer Spaniel presented to the Cornell University Hospital for /\nimals' Internal tvlcdicine Service for chronic right-sided nasal discharge. The patient presented with mucosanguinous right sided nasal discharge or seven months duration and mild right mandibular lymphadenopathy. Point of care blood work was unremarkable. Thoracic radiographs and an abdominal ultrasound revealed no evidence of metastasis or systemic infection. An aspirate of the right mandibular lymph node was unremarkable. Computed tomography of the skull was performed revealing right-sided turbinate and conchae destruction consistent with fungal infection. bacterial infection or invisible foreign body. Rhinoscopy revealed what appeared to be a fungal plaque in the patient's right nostril. A slide examination revealed severe, multi focal. necrosuppurative rhinitis with intralesional fungal hyphae. The nasal plaque was mechanically debrided and topical clotrimazole cream and solution were administered via trephination into the frontal sinuses. The patient presented one month later with resolution of her nasal discharge but rhinoscopy revealed a fungal granuloma in the right nostril (Aspergillus confirmed on culture). The granuloma was debrided and treated with an infusion of clotrimazole cream and solution via trephination into the frontal sinuses. No clinical signs were found one month later. The paper focuses on the treatment of nasal aspergillosis in the dog.en_US
dc.titleNasal Aspergillosis in a ten-year-old Springer Spanielen_US
dc.typecase studyen_US


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