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demand that takes into consideration product differentiation in the wine industry. Using nesting structures based on wine quality and origin, the correlation of individual tastes within constructed categories are estimated. Under a quality nesting structure, price and varietal offerings have a strong impact on the total brand market share relative to the share of an outside good. In addition, American wine drinkers who segment along quality tend to prefer European wines, and exhibit high correlation of tastes at both extremes of the quality spectrum. The origin-based nesting structure indicates similar effects from prices and varietals, but at a lower magnitude. Wine drinkers who segment based on origin have strongly heterogeneous preferences towards domestic wines. The final essay is a methodological implementation of an imputation model that will be used by the U.S. Census Bureau to assign quarterly hours and earnings to part-time federal workers in the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) programs's infrastructure files. An imputation procedure is necessary because the LEHD infrastructure source data provided by the Office of Personnel Management reports only the annualized salary for these workers and does not include information on the number of hours worked. The Bayesian statistical method implemented in the paper specifes a prior distribution and likelihood function for several demographic characteristics of federal workers. These characteristics, along with hours worked, can be identified in Current Population Survey data. A Dirichlet posterior predictive distribution is derived and used to generate cell probabilities for each combination of characteristics. Finally, draws are made from the posterior distribution to assign quarterly hours and earnings to part-time workers. A test implementation of the imputation strategy is performed, producing internally consistent results. The results are also compared to external public use data. c 2013 Stephen Michael Ciccarella ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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labor economics; industrial organization


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