CICCA Research & Policy Brief, Issue 1, March 2016 -Understanding the Views and Actions of U.S. Farmers Towards Climate Change

dc.contributor.authorChatrchyan, Allison
dc.contributor.authorChaopricha, Nina
dc.contributor.authorErlebacher, Rachel
dc.contributor.authorChan, Joana
dc.contributor.authorTobin, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorAllred, Shorna
dc.descriptionCICSS Research & Policy Brief
dc.description.abstractTo understand what U.S. agricultural stakeholders believe about climate change, a team from Cornell University and The Pennsylvania State University conducted a comprehensive review of the literature on agricultural stakeholder views and actions related to climate change in the U.S. We define agricultural stakeholders as individuals or groups that are affected by, or have a vested interest in, agricultural practices and outcomes, such as agricultural producers (farmers), ranchers, Extension specialists, agricultural advisors, and agricultural scientists. The team reviewed the literature and found 75 articles and reports published between 1997 and June 2015 that focused on agricultural stakeholder perceptions and at least one of the following themes: climate change, extreme weather, climate variability, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and climate forecasting. In this brief, we present findings related to farmer climate change beliefs and actions as well as the implications of these findings for Extension educators, researchers, and policymakers.
dc.publisherCornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICSS)
dc.subjectClimate Change
dc.titleCICCA Research & Policy Brief, Issue 1, March 2016 -Understanding the Views and Actions of U.S. Farmers Towards Climate Change


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