CIGR E-Journal Volume 3

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TECHNICAL ARTICLES: (1) P. Bruscoli, E. Bresci and F. Preti. Diagnostic Analysis of an Irrigation System in the Andes Region. Vol. III, February 2001. (2) T. Fischer, M. Gaderer, P. Lamp, W. Schoelkopf, and R. Ziegler. Processes and Economics for Energetic Use of Cotton Plant Residues. Vol. III, February 2001. (3) B. G. Kakou, H. Shimizu and S. Nishimura. Residual Strength of Colluvium and Stability Analysis of Farmland slope. Vol. III, March 2001. (4) P. N. Rodrigues, L. S. Pereira, A. Zairi, H. El Amami, H. A. Slatni, J. L. Teixeira, and T. Machado. Deficit Irrigation of Cereals and Horticultural Crops: Simulation of Strategies to Cope with Droughts. Vol. III, March 2001. (5) H. El Amami, A. Zairi, L. S. Pereira, T. Machado, A. Slatni, and P. Rodrigues. Deficit Irrigation of Cereals and Horticultural Crops: Economic Analysis. Vol. III, March 2001. (6) T. Tomson and A. Nova. Geographically Dispersed Wind Turbines on the West-Estonian Coast. Vol. III, April 2001. (7) L. Wiset, G. Srzednicki, R. Driscoll, C. Nimmuntavin, and P. Siwapornak. Effects of High Temperature Drying on Rice Quality. Vol. III, May 2001. (8) M. Horynski. The Effects of Field Intensity and Pneumatic Pressure on the Dielectric Constant of Rye Kernels. Vol. III, May 2001. (9) S. Lynikiene. Carrot Seed Preparation in a Corona Discharge Field. Vol. III, July 2001. (10) V. Anbumozhi, K. Matsumoto, and E. Yamaji. Sustaining Agriculture through Modernization of Irrigation Tanks: An Opportunity and a Challenge for Tamilnadu, India. Vol. III, August 2001. (11) A. Munack, O. Schroeder, J. Krahl, and J. Buenger. Comparison of Relevant Exhaust Gas Emissions from Biodiesel and Fossil Diesel Fuel. Vol. III, August 2001. (12) K. Maertens, M. Reyniers, and J. De Baerdemaeker. Design of a Dynamic Grain Flow Model for a Combine Harvester. Vol. III, September 2001. (13) D. Shitanda, Y. Nishiyama, and S. Koide. Performance Analysis of Impellor and Rubber Roll Husker Using Different Varieties of Rice. Vol. III, September 2001. (14) T. Nishizu, Y. Ikeda, Y. Torikata, S. Manmoto, T. Umehara, and T. Mizukami. Automatic, Continuous Food Volume Measurement with a Helmholtz Resonator. Vol. III, October 2001. (15) A. Sumorek and W. Pietrzyk. The Influence of Electric Field on the Energy Consumption of Convective Drying Processes. Vol. III. October 2001. (16) T. Nagano, H. Horino, T. Mitsuno, and N. Shimizu. Changes in Surface Runoff Due to Crust Formation and Land Conservation Techniques: The Case of On-Farm Study in Niger, West Africa. Vol. III, October 2001. (17) J. Li and M. Rao. Crop Yield as Affected by Uniformity of Sprinkler Irrigation System. Vol. III, October 2001. (18) K. Imou, M. Ishida, T. Okamoto, Y. Kaizu, A. Sawamura, and N. Sumida. Ultrasonic Doppler Sensor for Measuring Vehicle Speed in Forward and Reverse Motions Including Low Speed Motions. Vol. III, October 2001. (19) D.M. Bulanon, T. Kataoka, Y. Ota, and T. Hiroma. A Machine Vision System for the Apple Harvesting Robot. Vol. III, December 2001. (20) R. Medjo Eko and G. Riskowski. A Procedure for Processing Mixtures of Soil, Cement, and Sugar Cane Bagasse. Vol. III, December 2001. (21) A. Pozeliene. Influence of Electric Field on the Quality of Flaxseed. Vol. III, December 2001. (22) Y. Kaizu, T. Okamoto and K. Imou. System for Automatic Separation of Ex Vitro Micropropagated Sugarcane. Vol. III, December 2001. (23) M. Gebreselassie, O. Kaufman, and J. Hahn. Optimization of Transport Capacity for Fodder-Straw in Syria. Vol. III, December 2001...INVITED ARTICLES: (1) A-L. Raoult-Wack and N. Bricas. Food Sector Development: Multifunctionality and Ethics. Vol. III, January 2001. (2) I. Naas. Precision Animal Production. Vol. III, January 2001. (3) W. Chancellor. Synergistic Cooperation in the Food System. Vol. III, February 2001. (4) L. Cortez, I. N??s and O. Braunbeck. Agricultural Engineering Education Programs in Brazil. Vol. III, April 2001. (5) A. Munack and H. Speckmann. Communication Technology is the Backbone of Precision Agriculture. Vol. III, May 2001. (6) T. Friedrich. Agricultural Sprayer Standards and Prospects for Development of Standards for other Farm Machinery. Vol. III, May 2001. (7) W. Chancellor. Global Energy Flows and their Food System Components. Vol. III. December 2001. (8) B. Stout and G. Best. Effective Energy Use and Climate Change: Needs of Rural Areas in Developing Countries. Vol. III. December 2001.
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Rosana G. Moreira, Editor-in-Chief; Texas A&M University
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International Commission of Agricultural Engineering
Irrigation; Andes; Cotton; Colluvium; Analysis; Farmland; Cereal; Horticulture; Drought; Wind Turbines; Estonia; Rice; Rye; Pneumatic Pressure; Dielectric Constant; Carrot Seed; Corona Discharge Field; Agriculture; Biodiesel Fuel; Diesel Fuel; Gas Emissions; Grain; Combine Harvester; Impellor; Rubber Roll Husker; Helmholtz Resonator; Food Volume Measurement; Electric Field; Energy Consumption; Drying Process; Surface Runodd; Niger; Sprinkler; Crop Yield; Doppler; Speed; Apple Harvesting; Soil; Cement; Sugar Cane; Flaxseed; Fodder-Straw; Syria; Animal Production; Brazil; Farm Machinery; Food System; Climate Change; India
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