Starting from scratch: building a forest farm

dc.contributor.authorCully, Carter
dc.description.abstractThis project and its collaborations intend to serve landowners of Appalachia, both urban and rural, who are eager to incorporate one or more of the six agroforestry practices into their land- management strategies: 1) riparian buffers, 2) alley cropping, 3) forest farming under and existing canopy, 4) silvopasture, 5) windbreaks, and 6) forest gardening like a forest. Our focus is primarily forest farming and forest gardening, although all practices will be covered in outreach and instruction. As many of the eastern deciduous forests reach maturity, they will cease to be a carbon sink and become a carbon source if not managed properly. It is imperative that private landowners are provided as many tools as possible to manage these forested regions specifically for carbon and water. Food forests can assist with these goals while also creating agency for individuals and communities that desire to grapple with food security or climate change locally. Climate change adaptations are opportunities and inevitabilities.
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dc.titleStarting from scratch: building a forest farmen_US
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