Monthly operation reports for the City of Ithaca (New York) Water Treatment Plant including raw Sixmile Creek water and finished drinking water for 2000-2010

dc.contributor.authorBaker, Charles
dc.descriptionThis data package must be uncompressed for use. In addition to the data described above, it includes an Ecological Metadata Language (EML) record, which describes in considerable detail the contents of the data table, methods, usage rights, and other information. All users of these data are strongly encouraged to review this EML record.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe data posted here are used by the City of Ithaca Water Treatment Plant for process control and reporting purposes. Raw water (untreated Sixmile Creek) is monitored for key water quality and chemical properties. Some of the monitoring serves to track water quality trends for possible problems, other monitoring is done to aid in optimization of treatment, i.e. chemical applications. The water is monitored at various points throughout the treatment process to ensure that treatment goals are being achieved. Backwash, settling, filtration, and Vinegar Hill pump station are all examples of system components that are monitored. The finished water (treated tap water sampled at the water treatment plant) quality data collection is targeted to meeting basic standards as defined by the New York State Department of Health and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The City of Ithaca drinking water distribution system is divided into three parts: gravity, East Ithaca, and Mitchell Street. East Ithaca and Mitchell Street are two different pumping zones, each with multiple pumps. Flow and pressure are tracked independently to these different parts and pumps in the system. Finally, related information is collected about pump hours and chemical usage. This information is important for process control with regards to chemical treatment and can also serve as chemical and mechanical tracking. The posted data covers 2000-2010 (2010 data through March only). Available data, to be posted in the future, covers 1915 to the present.en_US
dc.subjectpublic healthen_US
dc.subjectwater potabilityen_US
dc.subjectwater temperatureen_US
dc.subjectsurface water chemistryen_US
dc.subjectsuspended solidsen_US
dc.subjectdrinking wateren_US
dc.subjectSixmile Creek, New Yorken_US
dc.titleMonthly operation reports for the City of Ithaca (New York) Water Treatment Plant including raw Sixmile Creek water and finished drinking water for 2000-2010en_US


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