Reports of research and assessment activities conducted by CUL staff and produced outside of CUL, plus other documents of interest.

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  • Academic Libraries in the Media 

    Entlich, Richard (2009-07-31)
    Research and Assessment Unit reviewed references to academic libraries, including Cornell, within the Chronicle of Higher Education, and noted their subject emphasis, level of detail, frequency of appearance, along with ...
  • Ivy Plus Library Benchmarks 

    Miller, Linda; Koltay, Zsuzsa (2009-04)
    To inform the strategic budget planning exercise that Cornell is undertaking for the continued reduction of expenditures, the following library benchmarking data was assembled to answer questions about the level of relative ...
  • Mann Graduate Student Survey, Fall 2005 

    Morris-Knower, Jim (2005-11)
    Graduate students in CALS and CHE affiliated programs were contacted by email the first week of October 2005 and asked to participate in a fifteen question web survey about how they typically find out about events on ...
  • Library Student Worker Survey 

    Buckley, Ellie (2007-03-26)
    RAU conducted this survey at the request of the Interim University Librarian. The purpose was to determine the extent to which student workers feel working in the library has improved their academic experience. A majority ...
  • Book Usage Data Scan 

    Entlich, Richard; Miller, Linda; Leary, Joanne (2008-10-31)
    This document provides some preliminary data on national trends in reading of books, purchase of books, and book publishing. It also provides data on monographic stacks circulation charges for Olin and Engineering. Recent ...

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