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    • Indoor Gardening: Corsages from Dried Materials 

      Schaufler, E.F. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1966-05)
    • Indoor Gardening: Dish Gardens and Terrariums 

      Schaufler, E.F. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1970-09)
    • Indoor Gardening: Winter Bloom for Bulbs 

      Schaufler, E.F. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1971-02)
    • Indoor Gardening: Fresh and Dry Flower Arrangements 

      Schaufler, E.F. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1972-05)
    • Indoor Gardening: Corsages from Garden Flowers 

      Schaufler, E.F. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1975-01)
    • Indoor Gardening: Creating Plaques from Dried Materials 

      Schaufler, E.F. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1976-03)
    • Know Your Trees 

      Winch, Fred E., Jr (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1984-07)
      A timeless 4-H project to teach members living in any type of area how to better know their tree neighbors.
    • Birds in Your Backyard 

      Hawkes, Janet E.; Philips, Diane Held (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      Attracting birds to your backyard can allow people young and old to study the different size, shape and markings of their visitors. This publication shows ways to attract birds, different foods to attract different types ...
    • Strategies for Clothing 

      Reilly, Rea; Stone, Janice; Hitch, Sherilyn; Smith, Charlotte; Berkland, Melva L.; Atkin, Gret (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      This advanced unit of the ?4-H Clothing Project Series? expands further on the skills and knowledge learned in earlier programs, and prepares students for setting out on their own. Students will learn how to develop new ...
    • Water Worlds 

      Hawkes, Janet E.; Jirka, Kurt; Krasny, Marianne; Phillips, Diane Held (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1988-09)
      Heighten the awareness of the natural world for youths by examining a variety of aquatic environments including ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, puddles, salt marshes or oceans, and learn about the physical and biological ...
    • Fun with Fungi 

      Carroll, Juliet E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1989-05)
      Without fungi, mankind would likely suffocate under piles of dead and dying biological matter that would never decay. Medicines and other important contributions are made by these fungal organisms, not to mention the ...
    • Growing Button Mushrooms 

      Carroll, Juliet E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1989-06)
      This publication gives instruction on how to grow mushrooms at home. Users can build simple trays from scrap lumber, create a compost bed, order and apply spawn, add peat and wait for growth. An advantage of home growing ...
    • What About Waste? 

      Bonhotal, Jean F.; Edelstein, Karen L.; Krasny, Marianne E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1990)
      This activity booklet was designed to introduce youth to a variety of subjects in environmental sciences by involving them in activities that heighten their awareness of the natural world. Leaders, teachers, parents, and ...
    • Basic Fly Tying 

      Howard, Ronald A. Jr. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1990-01)
      This classic publication gives an introductory lesson in the art of creating your own wet and dry flies. Step by step instructions are given for creating a couple of dozen of the most popular flies. Directions written in ...
    • Chickens, Chickens and More Chickens 

      Winstead, Christina (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1990-01)
      Poultry production on a small scale can be rewarding in many ways. Most people raise poultry primarily for pleasure or hobby. However, birds can be raised for exhibition and table fare as well. Whatever your reason, this ...
    • Basic Fly Tying 

      Howard, Ronald A. Jr. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1990-01)
    • Wildlife in Today's Landscapes 

      Krasny, Marianne E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1991)
      For adults to use with youth aged 12 and older. More than 100 illustrations and text explain new concepts in wildlife ecology. Tells what you can do to help wildlife - including rare and endangered species - in a backyard ...
    • Let's Go Fishing 

      Decker, Daniel J.; Howard, Ronald A.; Kelley, John W. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1991-04)
      This is a national favorite that introduces fishing tackle and basic techniques. Includes information on natural baits and care of the catch. It is used in youth programs, but any age novice will find the clear and concise ...
    • Public Speaking Made Easy 

      Ortiz, Darlene (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1991-06)
      Being able to speak well in public is a skill that can help you teach, persuade or entertain others. With the help of your leader, teacher, parents and this guide, you can learn to give a great public presentation.
    • Trees: Dead or Alive 

      Krasny, Marianne E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1991-12)
      Sets an ecosystem stage; shows how both live and dead trees provide homes for animals. Reproducible record sheets allow students to record what they observe.