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dc.description.abstractVol. 1, sec. 5 (pp. 361-536) Resumed December 11, 1911. Testimony by female workers: ANNA GULLO, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 361), describes how she tried to open the door after fire started; notes others were trying the door, too; asked about lawsuit IDA NELSON, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 391) assisted by interpreter, describes how she tried to open the door after fire started; notes involvement in lawsuit; asked about customary way of going home at night; how she escaped on the day of the fire YETTA LUBITZ, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 409), describes where she worked relative to others, what happened on the day of the fire, including statement by worker “The door is locked”; long argument by Steuer, then Bostwick, about admissibility of statement; witness continues describing escape; examined about routine for leaving at night; seeing worker try to open door; others she saw; discussion of perception of time elapsed ESTHER CUSHNER, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 475), testifies she was told by Ida Jacofsky, who tried it on the day of the fire, that the door was locked ETHEL MONICK, employed as “floor girl,” giving trim to operators (People’s witness, p. 483), testifies she could not open door on the day of the fire, and also heard someone call out that door was locked; physical location of partition, fire-escape, tables, other objects; describes escape, what she saw of others; routine whereabouts of Harris BECKIE ROTHSTEIN, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 532) assisted by interpreter, testified that she saw someone try to open the door
dc.subjecttriangle fire
dc.subjectmachine operator
dc.titleVol. 1, sec. 5 (pp. 361-536). Testimony by female workers
dc.typearchival material
dc.typelegal document
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