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dc.contributor.authorSerrat, Olivier
dc.description.abstract{Excerpt} Social marketing is the use of marketing principles and techniques to effect behavioral change. It is a concept, process, and application for understanding who people are, what they desire, and then organizing the creation, communication, and delivery of products and services to meet their desires as well as the needs of society, and solve serious social problems. Organizations have never had such powerful information and communication technologies with which to interact with clients, audiences, and partners; explore, find, capture, store, analyze, present, use, and exchange information dataand information about them; and tailor products and services accordingly. Along with that, never before have end users expected to interface so closely with organizations and with one another to define and shape what they need. In its highest form, marketing is now considered a social process, composed of human behavior patterns concerned with exchange of resources or values.It is no longer a mere function used to increase business profits.
dc.rightsRequired Publisher Statement: This article was first published by the Asian Development Bank (
dc.subjectAsian Development Bank
dc.subjecteconomic growth
dc.titleThe Future of Social Marketing
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local.authorAffiliationSerrat, Olivier: Asian Development Bank

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