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dc.contributor.authorInternational Labour Office
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] The world enters the year 2012 facing a serious jobs challenge and widespread decent work deficits. After three years of continuous crisis conditions in global labour markets and against the prospect of a further deterioration of economic activity, there is a backlog of global unemployment of 200 million – an increase of 27 million since the start of the crisis. In addition, more than 400 million new jobs will be needed over the next decade to avoid a further increase in unemployment. Hence, to generate sustainable growth while maintaining social cohesion, the world must rise to the urgent challenge of creating 600 million productive jobs over the next decade, which would still leave 900 million workers living with their families below the US$2 a day poverty line, largely in developing countries.
dc.rightsRequired Publisher Statement: Copyright © International Labour Organization 2012.
dc.subjectlabour force participation
dc.subjecteconomic recession
dc.subjectdeveloped countries
dc.subjectdeveloping countries
dc.titleGlobal Employment Trends 2012: Preventing a Deeper Jobs Crisis
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