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dc.coverage.spatialToledo, OH
dc.rightsThis digital collection is provided by the Martin P. Catherwood Library, ILR School, Cornell University. The information provided is for noncommercial, educational use, only.
dc.subjectcollective labor agreements
dc.subjectcollective bargaining agreements
dc.subjectlabor contracts
dc.subjectlabor unions
dc.subjectUnited States Department of Labor
dc.subjectBureau of Labor Statistics
dc.titleF.J. Arend, Saul Smilack, Robert Braun, and others and Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local 361, 466, AFL (1938)
dc.typecollective labor agreement
dc.description.legacydownloads6178_009b130f019_06.pdf: 34 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.
cla.employerF. J. Arend; Saul Smilack; Robert Braun; Herbert Clark; Louis Diemer; L. Fourniers; Fred Geha; Glendale Market; Wm. Gottesman; Juhasz Market; Harry Kuperman; Thos. E. Lattin; F. G. Leydorf Packing Company; V. Miller; Newcombs Market; Sam Goodman; Wm. Preece; Philip Provo; Frank Reber; Riekers Market; Alex Rogers; Emile Schmidt; Toody's Meat Market; Louis Bort; Dicks W. Toledo Market; Ernest Ziedlitz; Sam Althaus; Abe Greenberg; L .F. Barshel; George Corawas; Les Bellmans Food Market; Larry Boysen; Geo. F. Bruss; Buck Brothers; Max Ravin; Walter Churchill; Clyde A. Corns; Cutters Grocery; Dorr Nation Wide Market; Economy Store; Eddies Food Market; Wm. P. Eggert; Mel Lewis; Gerbers Market; N. Haddad and Sons; Handy Service Stores; Mr. R. G. Free; Oscar Joseph; Jos. Kelly; Lagos Market; La Marche Market; Lewis Food Market; Owen Murtagh; Maas and Company; Milton Kalniz; Geo. L. Metzger; Wm. Michail Meat Company; A. E. Mickens; Moesch and Company; Obee Nation Wide Market; Owens Wholesale Market; Packers Outlet; Prescott Quality Market; Priebes Nation Wide Market; Harold Ramisch; Rubins Market; Geo. Sadd; Savon Food Market; Scholz Market; Milton R. Schulz; Vern Smith; J.R. Sumner; Ben Hertzberg; J. C. Vermas; Wagners Market; Harold J. Wendt; Jos. Yeager and Son; H. J. Zilles; Wm. Zouhary; Boyers Market; Albert N. Matile; G and W Market; George and Harry's Market; Stanly Goscin; Ideal Food Market; Joe Applebaum; Sears Market; Turpening Market; Wagner's Market; Steve's Market; Adams Grocery; E. H. Adkins; Althaus Market; Arlington Market; Artz Grocery; Ashland Market; C. J. Bader; Carl L. Barnes; Edw. J. Barshel; Baumans Cash Market; Bayside Market; F. E. Behrendt; Leydorf Meat Market; Alfred Meyer; Meyer and Davis; John A. Rimler; Schmidt Meat Market; Seegert and Page; Kazmaiers Market; Kenwood Market; E. A. Nussbaum; Pervins Cut Rate Market; P. J. Reinlein; Harold C. Clark; Niel W. Coffman; H. R. Collins Food Market; Corner Store; C. A. Corns Market; P. C. Crites; Shoppers Food Market; Earls Market; Felkers Market; A. B. Fournier; Edw. J. Fries; Hawley Market; Dave Bort Meat Market; Boyers Meat Market; C. H. Bremer; Donald Davidson; G. A. Eberlin; Klein Meat Market; Louis Benson; Beutlers Red and White Store; Fred H. Buske; Carls Market
cla.locationToledo, OH
cla.sectorprivate industry
cla.unionAmalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America
cla.union.local361, 466

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