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    • 10. The Academic Departments 

      Katz, Harry; Blumen, Isadore; Aronson, Bob; Ehrenberg, Ron; Miller, Frank B.; Williams, Larry (1996-01)
      Includes: Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor History: The Department of Economic and Social Statistics; Labor Economics and Income Security Department: A Parent Department: Human Resources and Administration; The ...
    • 11. Looking Back 

      Saporta, Vicki; Aiges, Stanley; Sheinkman, Jack; Burdick, Walton; Golodner, Jack; Bluestein, Robert H.; Glycopantis, Susan; Alpern, Jerome; Aronson, Robert (1996-01)
      From Alumni Views, Robert H. Bluestein (’67), “ILR addressed the social and economic issues of the times and sought to provide students with the tools to find solutions to many of the problems confronting society in the ...
    • 12. The Future Lies Ahead (With Apology to Mort Sahl) 

      Lipsky, David B. (1996-01)
      The progress and development of the ILR School during the past 50 years, though sometimes uneven in both pace and direction, has largely met the promise and expectations embodied in the founding legislation. The fulfillment ...
    • 4. The School Develops 

      Seidenberg, Jacob; Argyris, Chris; Jensen, Eric; Yager, Paul; Raimon, Robert; Arthur, Charles; Greenbaum, Marcia L.; O'Brien, Emmet; Neufeld, Maurice; McConnell, John W.; Hildebrand, George; Konvitz, Milton R.; Miller, Frank; Windmuller, John; Donovan, Ron (1996-01)
      Between 1947 and 1953, when M.P. Catherwood left the deanship to become New York’s industrial commissioner, the ILR School developed into a full fledged enterprise. These pages attempt to capture some of the excitement ...
    • 5. The John McConnell Era 

      McConnell, John W.; Arthur, Charles; Hildebrand, George; McKersie, Alison; Raimon, Bob; Edwards, Harry T. (1996-01)
      The years 1959 through 1962 were full of ferment and sweeping change with striking developments in location, curriculum, and extension programs in the ILR School. Of primary importance in the school’s history was the move, ...
    • 6. The 1960s 

      Moore, David; Helsby, Robert; Greenspan, Joan; Hoffman, Richard; Barkas Hoffman, Eileen; Jacobson, Carolyn J.; Blau, Francine (1996-01)
      From David Moore – “I served as dean of the ILR School during the 1960s. This was a period that started in relative tranquility and ended in tumultuous disarray with students demonstrating, administrators trying to maintain ...
    • 7. The 1970s 

      McKersie, Robert; Jensen, Eric; Whyte, William F.; Yager, Paul; Sheinkman, Jack; Newman, Harold; Helsby, Robert; Hardin, Fran; Varcasia, Connie (1996-01)
      From View from the Dean’s Office by Robert McKersie. “I had been on the job just a week when Keith Kennedy, vice provost, called and said we needed to make a trip to Albany to meet the chancellor of SUNY, Ernest Boyer. ...
    • 8. The 1980s 

      Rehmus, Charles; Doherty, Robert E.; Huttar, James; DeAngelo, Charles S.; Baitsell, John M. (1996-01)
      From the Introduction, “The Changes at ILR that began in the seventies slipped imperceptibly into the eighties, and those that may have originated at that time have, for better or worse, left their mark on the present ...
    • 9. Parts of the Whole 

      Gray, Lois; Law, Gordon; Gold, Charlotte; Adams, Leonard P.; Cullen, Donald E.; Board of Editors, ILR Review; Williams, Lawrence; McPherson, James E.; Ash, Karin S. (1996-01)
      Includes: The Extension Division; The Catherwood Library: 50 Years of Service; Publications; Industrial and Labor Relations Review: Its First 48 Years; Graduate Program History; Student Services: The Office of Resident ...
    • A Brief Guide to the AAUP Salary Data 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (2004-01-01)
      [Excerpt] The AAUP data not only document faculty salary levels, but may also play a role in determining future levels. They represent average data for all full-time faculty members at the university, excluding faculty in ...
    • American Higher Education in Transition 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (2012-01-01)
      [Excerpt] In public higher education, tuition increases in recent decades have barely offset a long-run decline in state appropriations per full-time equivalent student. State appropriations per full-time equivalent student ...
    • Appendix A : Time Line, Events, Incidents, and Items of Note 

      Miller, J. Gormly; McGinnis, Boodie N.; Julian, Robert R. (1996-01)
      Chronological listing of events, incidents and items of note, compiled by J. Gormly Miller, Boodie N. McGinnis (GR ’95), and Robert R. Julian.
    • Appendix B: Roster of Deans and Faculty 

      Unknown author (1996-01)
      This listing of ILR Deans and faculty has been compiled from a combination of human resource records kept at the school since 1946, ILR deans’ reports, and other university sources.
    • Appendix C: Faculty Publication 

      Aronson, Robert L.; Miller, J. Gormly (1996-01)
      From the beginning the ILR faculty devoted much of its time and effort to the preparation and publication of works covering a wide range of subject matter within the industrial and labor relations field. Some of the faculty ...
    • Career's End: A Survey of Faculty Retirement Policies 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (2001-07-01)
      There are almost as many ways to retire from the academy as there are types of schools. But, as a recent study shows, institutional planning can prevent unpleasant surprises.
    • Changing Faculty Employment at Four-Year Colleges and Universities in the United States 

      Zhang, Liang; Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Liu, Xiangmin (2015-12-01)
      We use panel data models to examine variations and changes in faculty employment at four-year colleges and universities in the United States. The share of part-time faculty among total faculty has continued to grow during ...
    • Collective Bargaining in American Higher Education 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Klaff, Daniel B.; Kezbom, Adam T.; Nagowski, Matthew P. (2004-01-01)
      [Excerpt] No discussion of governance in higher education would be complete without a consideration of the role of collective bargaining. Historically, most researchers interested in the subject have directed their attention ...
    • Cornell Confronts the End of Mandatory Retirement 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Matier, Michael W.; Fontanella, David (2001-01-01)
      [Excerpt] In July 1995, the first author of this paper was appointed vice president of academic programs, planning and budgeting at Cornell and, at his initiative, a joint faculty-administrative committee was subsequently ...
    • Cover, Dedication, Preface, Contents 

      McKersie, Robert B.; Miller, J. Gormly; Aronson, Robert L.; Julian, Robert R.; Gruenfeld Goldberg, Elaine (1996-01)
      The cover, dedication, preface, and content pages from The ILR School at Fifty, a collection of reflections on the first fifty years of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. Compiled by Robert ...
    • Do Economics Departments With Lower Tenure Probabilities Pay Higher Faculty Salaries? 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Pieper, Paul J.; Willis, Rachel A. (1998-11-01)
      The simplest competitive labor market model asserts that if tenure is a desirable job characteristic for professors, they should be willing to pay for it by accepting lower salaries. Conversely, if an institution unilaterally ...