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    • Dasymetric Modeling and Uncertainty 

      Nagle, Nicholas N.; Buttenfield, Barbara P.; Leyk, Stefan; Spielman, Seth (2013-11-07)
      Survey weights are often adjusted so that the estimated totals match with known benchmark totals. This practice is limited by the requirement that benchmarks be perfectly known and the tendency for survey weight variability ...
    • Visualizing Attribute Uncertainty in the ACS: An Empirical Study of Decision-Making with Urban Planners 

      Griffin, Amy L.; Spielman, Seth; Jurjevich, Jason; Merrick, Meg; Nagle, Nicholas N.; Folch, David (2015-05-04)
      Recent changes to the US Census have led to more timely updates of demographic statistics that are used in the delivery and planning of many social and environmental programs. However, this timeliness has a tradeoff: ...