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    • Causes of the Financial Crisis 

      Jickling, Mark (2009-01-29)
      [Excerpt] The current financial crisis began in August 2007, when financial stability replaced inflation as the Federal Reserve’s chief concern. The roots of the crisis go back much further, and there are various views on ...
    • Excessive CEO Pay: Background and Policy Approaches 

      Shorter, Gary; Jickling, Mark; Raab, Alison A. (2007-02-13)
      [Excerpt] During the past several decades, average pay for non-management workers has stagnated, after adjustment for inflation, falling slightly since the early 1970s. In contrast, compensation of top corporate executives ...
    • Finance and the Economy: Occupy Wall Street in Historical Perspective 

      Jickling, Mark; Hoskins, Sean M. (2011-11-14)
      [Excerpt] This report presents examples of political statements about the fundamental costs and benefits of finance and recent economic research that points to aspects of financial activity that may not be advantageous to ...