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    • The Development of Members’ Attitudes Toward Their Unions: Sweden and Canada 

      Kuruvilla, Sarosh; Gallagher, Daniel G.; Wetzel, Kurt (1993-04-01)
      This study examines two widely researched attitudes of union members-satisfaction with and commitment to their union-using 1987-88 data on 1,675 union members in professional occupations in Sweden and 476 blue- and ...
    • Union Participation in Japan: Do Western Theories Apply? 

      Kuruvilla, Sarosh; Gallagher, Daniel G.; Fiorito, Jack; Wakabayashi, Mitsuru (1990-04-01)
      This study investigates the validity in Japan of union participation models developed in North America. The results of ordinary least squares analysis suggest that members' participation in unions is positively related to ...