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    • New Labor Dynamics Institute to shed light on labor market 

      Catt, Mary (Cornell Chronicle, 2011-10-05)
      The new Labor Dynamics Institute at the ILR School will create and make accessible new data on the dynamics of labor markets. Its director is John Abowd, the Edmund Ezra Day Professor of Economics and a professor of ...
    • NSF grant funds ILR research to unlock U.S. Census data 

      Catt, Mary (Cornell Chronicle, 2011-10-17)
      The ILR School's Labor Dynamics Institute will receive almost $3 million over five years to establish research networks (nodes) to solve problems confronting national statistics agencies. The network is intended to foster ...
    • NSF grant opens gateway to vast computing resources 

      Catt, Mary (Cornell Chronicle, 2009-07-27)
      A new National Science Foundation grant awarded to two ILR School researchers will create a Social Science Gateway to TeraGrid -- the NSF's national supercomputing infrastructure.