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dc.contributor.authorRudan, John W.
dc.descriptionA print on demand of these books and articles can be obtained from Cornell Business Services (CBS) Digital Services by sending e-mail to or calling 607.255.2524. In the body of the message include the identifier.uri for the book or article, and ask to be contacted regarding payment.
dc.descriptionTo read the original interviews conducted by John Rudan, please visit the "Oral and Personal Histories of Computing at Cornell, available at
dc.description.abstractJohn W. Rudan, Director Emeritus of the Office of Information Technologies at Cornell University, describes the development of computing at Cornell, from the earliest punchcard tabulating equipment used in the 1920s to the establishment of the Supercomputing Center in the late 1980s and subsequent activities in the 1990s.en_US
dc.format.extent463152 bytes
dc.subjectThe early days of punched card systemsen_US
dc.subjectThe beginning and increasing use of computers in instructionen_US
dc.subjectUse of computers to support university research activities; statistical programsen_US
dc.subjectUse of computers for data processing for university business systemsen_US
dc.subjectOperating system and programming language software developed at Cornell
dc.subjectComputer Science Department and use of computers in instruction
dc.subjectMicrocomputers/Personal computers on campus; sales and support
dc.subjectText and Word Processing Developments, Desktop Publishing
dc.subjectSupercomputing at Cornell
dc.subjectLibrary use of Information Technology (Mass Storage and Printing Technologies)
dc.subjectThe transition from Computing to Information Technology
dc.subjectTelecommunications and telephone systems
dc.subjectNSFNet and its evolution to the Internet
dc.subjectNetwork developments and systems at Cornell
dc.subjectElectronic Mail developments and use at Cornell
dc.subjectCUINFO, CU-SeeMe, Project Mandarin, Bear Access
dc.subjectCornell leadership activities in computing/IT and networking applications and technology
dc.subjectY2K - the year 2000 transition at Cornell
dc.subjectP2K - Project 2000 (the transformation of business systems at Cornell)
dc.subjectTime lines of computing/IT activities at Cornell (Appendix)
dc.titleThe History of Computing at Cornellen_US

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