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    • Dead Waters: Large amplitude interfacial waves generated by a boat in a stratified fluid 

      Vasseur, Romain; Mercier, Matthieu; Dauxois, Thierry (2008-10-09)
      We present fluid dynamics videos of the motion of a boat on a two-layer or three-layer fluid. Under certain specific conditions, this setup generates large amplitude interfacial waves, while no surface waves are visible. ...
    • New (Internal) Wave Generation - Laboratory Experiments 

      Mathur, Manikandan; Mercier, Matthieu; Dauxois, Thierry; Peacock, Thomas (2009-10-17)
      In this video, we demonstrate the generation of internal waves using a novel wave generator. Specifically, uni-directional internal wave beams and vertical modes are generated and visualized in laboratory experiments.