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    • Proceedings of the Adolescent Sexual Health Symposium 

      ACT for Youth Center of Excellence (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2009-06)
      In February 2009, ACT for Youth Center of Excellence convened a symposium of experts and stakeholders in the field of adolescent sexual health to gather information on behalf of the New York State Department of Health. ...
    • A New Vision for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health 

      Santelli, John S.; Schalet, Amy T. (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2009-11)
      Why are teen women in the U.S. eight times more likely to give birth than are teens in the Netherlands? In this edition of Research fACTs and Findings, John Santelli and Amy Schalet review historical and cultural ...
    • U.S. teen demographics, health, and behaviors 

      ACT for Youth Center of Excellence (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2010)
      Updated in 2010, this fact sheet offers selected statistics regarding U.S. youth in the following areas: general demographics, health (including violence and mortality, sexual health, substance use), education, civic ...
    • Being Y-AP Savvy: A primer on creating & sustaining youth-adult partnerships 

      Zeldin, Shepherd; Collura, Jessica (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2010-06)
      This manual is designed to help all those committed to youth-adult partnerships (Y-AP) acquire core knowledge, establish and communicate a point of view about Y-AP, and build consensus on key issues regarding Y-AP.
    • Programs to prevent pregnancy, STIs, and HIV among adolescents: Selection worksheet for evidence-based programs 

      ACT for Youth Center of Excellence (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2010-08)
      This worksheet is designed to assist adolescent sexual health program providers in reviewing available evidence-based programs. The programs included are those selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ...
    • Individual and Organizational Assets Worksheets 

      ABCD Institute; ACT for Youth Center of Excellence (2010-11-30)
      These worksheets are designed to help individuals and organizations identify their strengths. They are used as part of a community collaboration and resource assessment process. These worksheets are adapted from similar ...
    • Linking Evidence-Based Programs to NYS Health Education Standards: Program Alignment Grids 

      Mastro, Beth (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2011-01)
      These Program Alignment Grids show the points of connection between New York State health education standards and certain evidence-based programs that address adolescent sexual health.
    • Tools for Community Assessments 

      Unknown author (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2011-01-06)
      These worksheets will aid communities in assessing resources and collecting data.
    • Partnering youth development and business 

      Dotterweich, Jutta (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2011-01-19)
      These slides from a presentation by Jutta Dotterweich aim to help youth development project personnel consider how to attract involvement from the business sector.