Assets Coming Together (ACT) for Youth is a program under the auspices of the Family Life Development Center.

Recent Submissions

  • Profiles of youth engagement and voice in New York State 

    Goggin, Stephen; Powers, Jane; Spano, Sedra (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2002)
    This report shares the results of an interview study conducted with agencies in New York State who have attempted to empower young people, involve youth in the decision-making apparatus of their organizations or programs, ...
  • Youth surveys and youth development strategies: Lessons from the field 

    Whitlock, Janis; Hamilton, Stephen F. (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence; Family Life Development Center; Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2001)
    This report describes four youth development assessment tools and summarizes how communities have used these tools.
  • Youth-Adult Retreat Report 

    Dotterweich, Jutta (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2001)
    On August 24-25, 2001, the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence (Upstate) hosted a youth-adult retreat at the Vanderkamp Center in Cleveland, NY. The purpose of the retreat was to bring together youth and adults from all ...
  • Presentations: Adolescent Sexual Health Symposium 

    Unknown author (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2009)
    In February, 2009, at the Cornell Club in New York City, the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence convened a Symposium on Adolescent Sexual Health. This collection of slides includes many of the presentations that were ...
  • Partnering youth development and business 

    Dotterweich, Jutta (ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, 2011-01-19)
    These slides from a presentation by Jutta Dotterweich aim to help youth development project personnel consider how to attract involvement from the business sector.

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