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dc.contributor.authorJansen, Don J.
dc.contributor.authorKamarck, Kristy N.
dc.contributor.authorKapp, Lawrence
dc.contributor.authorSalazar Torreon, Barbara
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] Military personnel issues typically generate significant interest from many Members of Congress and their staffs. Ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the regular use of the reserve component personnel for operational missions, further heighten interest in a wide range of military personnel policies and issues. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has selected a number of the military personnel issues considered in deliberations on H.R. 1735 as passed by the House and by the Senate and the final bill, S. 1356, as enacted (P.L. 114-92). This report provides a brief synopsis of sections in each bill that pertain to selected personnel policy. These include major military retirement reforms, end strengths, compensation, health care, and sexual assault, as well as less prominent issues that nonetheless generate significant public interest.
dc.subjectmilitary personnel
dc.subjectretirement reforms
dc.subjecthealth care
dc.titleFY2016 National Defense Authorization Act: Selected Military Personnel Issues
dc.description.legacydownloadsCRS_FY2016_National_Defense_Authorization_Act.pdf: 164 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.
local.authorAffiliationJansen, Don J.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationKamarck, Kristy N.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationKapp, Lawrence: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationSalazar Torreon, Barbara: Congressional Research Service

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