This is a collection of student papers for BEE 4350 for the year 2007.

Recent Submissions

  • Thermal Imaging and Analysis for Breast Tumor Detection 

    Kwok, Jeni; Krzyspiak, Joanna (2007-07-10)
    Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, except for non-melanoma skin cancers. Women in North America have the highest rate of breast cancer in the world and the chance of a woman developing this cancer is 13% ...
  • Oral Transmucosal Delivery of Fentanyl Citrate for Breakthrough Cancer Pain Relief 

    Beutel, Bryan; Lim, Irene Isabel; Lin, Tricia; Ma, Jameson (2007-07-10)
    Episodes of breakthrough cancer pain are relatively common occurrences for patients undergoing cancer treatments. Characterized by pain unrestrained by traditional medications, these physical burdens impose a significant ...
  • The Effect of the Diving/Wet Suit on the Survival Time in Cold Water Immersion 

    Chung, Chris; Shim, Ju Sok (2007-07-10)
    In this study, we will compare the effect of normal clothes (assumed as bare skin) with effect of wetsuit in maintaining the core body temperature, produced by metabolic heat generations and blood flow heat generation, ...
  • Lynah Rink: The Science of the Ice 

    Lund, Stephen; Mathew, Esha; Pratt, Kristamarie; Zacherman, Jonathan (2007-07-10)
    Ice hockey is probably the most popular sports team at Cornell, easily selling out tickets to every game at the start of every year. Although eager fans study the team, plays, opponents, and results, it is doubtful that ...
  • pH-Dependent Drug Delivery Systems 

    Klosiewicz, Bryan; Legato, Joseph; Oh, Jason; Rivers, Shajuana (2007-07-10)
    Gastric carcinoma, or stomach cancer, is a major disease in the world today. Although it only accounts for about 2% of all cancer cases in the United States, it is much more prevalent in nations such as Korea, Japan, Great ...
  • Magnetic Resonance Induced Heating in a Vascular Stent 

    Chaudhury, Ankur; Khasnavis, Siddharth; Russell, Matthew; Sarathy, Vijay (2007-07-10)
    It is standard hospital practice to remove metallic objects from patients prior to MRIs. Since magnetic resonance imaging employs changing magnetic fields, even everyday items such as jewelry or keys run the risk of ...
  • Patch Immunization: Transcutaneous Vaccination for the Cholera Toxin and Optimization of Immunization Cycles 

    Singh, Babu; Shoor, Priya; Shah, Avani (2007-07-10)
    The main point of this analysis was to investigate the diffusion of the cholera vaccination through specific layers of the skin. The antigen was initially modeled through the skin directly to the blood stream. The antigen ...
  • Laser Irradiation of Tumors for the Treatment of Cancer: An Analysis of Blood Flow, Temperature and Oxygen Transport 

    Sood, Ravi; Nahlik, David; Nichols, Weston; Graham, Evan (2007-07-10)
    It has been shown that hypoxic tumor cells are resistant to radiation and that increasing tumor oxygen levels via laser-mediated hyperthermia treatment increases tumor cell radiosensitivity. Hence, studies of the effects ...
  • Optimizing Release from Reservoir Microcapsules 

    Hoang, David; Liu, David; Chen, Jennifer; Siu, Vince (2007-07-10)
    Cytomegalovrius (CMV) retinitis is a common symptom of vision loss found in 20-30% of all acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) sufferers. While there are no drugs that can cure permanent retinal damage by CMV, the ...
  • Testicular Thermal Damage and Infertility from Laptop Use 

    Eibert, Erik; Ramirez, Marina; Salim, Saniya; Snider, Sarah (2007-07-10)
    Today, more laptop computers are being used on a daily basis than ever before. One of the health risks associated with extended, repeated use by men is that of testicular damage, or reduced spermatogenesis due to increased ...

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