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dc.contributor.authorParformak, Paul W.
dc.contributor.authorLuther, Linda
dc.contributor.authorLattanzio, Richard K.
dc.contributor.authorRamseur, Jonathan L.
dc.contributor.authorVann, Adam
dc.contributor.authorPirog, Robert
dc.contributor.authorFergusson, Ian F.
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] This report describes the Keystone XL Pipeline Project and the process that the State Department must complete to decide whether it will approve or deny TransCanada’s permit application. The report also discusses key energy security, economic, and environmental issues relevant to the State Department’s national interest determination. Some of these issues include perspectives among various stakeholders both in favor of and opposed to the construction of the pipeline. Finally, the report discusses the constitutional basis for the State Department’s authority to issue a Presidential Permit, and opponents’ possible challenges to this authority.
dc.relation.hasversionA more recent version of this report can be found here:
dc.subjectKeystone XL pipeline
dc.subjectState Department
dc.subjectUnited States
dc.titleKeystone XL Pipeline: Overview and Recent Developments
dc.description.legacydownloadsCRS_Keystone_XL_Pipeline_Overview.pdf: 358 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.
local.authorAffiliationParformak, Paul W.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationLuther, Linda: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationLattanzio, Richard K.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationRamseur, Jonathan L.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationVann, Adam: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationPirog, Robert: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationFergusson, Ian F.: Congressional Research Service

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