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dc.contributor.authorBruno, Andorra
dc.contributor.authorArgueta, Carla N.
dc.contributor.authorBjelopera, Jerome P.
dc.contributor.authorGarcia, Michael John
dc.contributor.authorKandel, William A.
dc.contributor.authorSiskin, Alison
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] Although immigration has not been a front-burner issue in the 114th Congress, the House and the Senate have acted on a number of immigration-related measures. Border security has been the focus of much of this legislative activity, with the House and the Senate considering legislation on border security strategy and metrics, border resources, and preclearance operations, among other areas of border security, and enacting specific measures on components including border infrastructure, border security vulnerabilities, and preclearance operations. The 114th Congress has likewise enacted measures on intercountry adoption, Afghan special immigrant visas, and the Visa Waiver Program, among other issues, and has extended the E-Verify employment eligibility verification system and several other immigration programs through FY2016. Interior enforcement and visa security are the subjects of several bills that have received congressional action. The former measures variously concern such issues as criminal sanctions; inadmissibility, deportability, and relief from removal; state and local involvement in immigration enforcement; and worksite enforcement, while the latter address visa issuances, among other issues. Other immigration-related issues of congressional interest include asylum, refugees, and unaccompanied alien children. This report discusses these and other immigration-related issues that have received legislative action or are of significant congressional interest in the 114th Congress.
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dc.titleImmigration Legislation and Issues in the 114th Congress
dc.description.legacydownloadsCRS_Immigration_Legislation_and_Issues_in_the_114th_Congress_0916.pdf: 187 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.
local.authorAffiliationBruno, Andorra: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationArgueta, Carla N.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationBjelopera, Jerome P.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationGarcia, Michael John: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationKandel, William A.: Congressional Research Service
local.authorAffiliationSiskin, Alison: Congressional Research Service

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