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dc.contributor.authorMcBrayer, Devin Rae
dc.description.abstractThis literature review highlights the main findings in current research looking at paid family and medical leave policies, and then examines how these experiences can inform the development of a paid leave policy in the District of Colombia. The need for paid family and medical leave is high, and paid leave would benefit nearly all employees at some point in their working lives. One in every five adults has taken family leave in the past three years. Support for these programs is generally very favorable among both employees and employers as well. The most common problem with current paid leave programs is a lack of awareness or ability to use the benefit. Any paid family and medical leave policy implementation must be accompanied with some sort of education campaign whether it is directed at workers or done through employer buy-in. There are many lessons to learn from existing paid family and medical leave programs, but ultimately the current programs are still very successful.
dc.subjectpaid family and medical leave
dc.subjectworking families
dc.subjecteconomic security
dc.subjectDistrict of Columbia
dc.titlePaid Family and Medical Leave: Research and Lessons for the District of Columbia
dc.description.legacydownloadsDC_Paid_Leave_Literature_Reviews.pdf: 213 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.
local.authorAffiliationMcBrayer, Devin Rae: Institute for Women's Policy Research

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