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dc.contributor.authorParent, Wendy
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] Supported employment has been a service option for a long time and is responsible for many individuals working who were previously considered unemployable. It is characterized by competitive employment in community businesses with training and support provided by a skilled job coach for as long as the individual is employed. Supported employment is for those individuals who need help finding a job, intensive support to learn the job, and on-going follow-along support in order to keep their job. It is based on the premise that individuals do no have to “get ready” for work but rather receive the necessary supports that bridge the gap between their skills and the job requirements once they are employed. Job coach assistance is provided more intensely at first followed by intermittent on-going support once that individual is able to complete the job. Examples of some of the supports that may help someone perform their job are: advocacy, natural supports, assistive technology, job modifications, job carving, rehabilitation engineering, compensatory strategies, and behavioral training techniques.
dc.subjectsupported employment
dc.subjectassistive technology
dc.titleSupported and Customized Employment
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local.authorAffiliationParent, Wendy: University of Kansas

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