The following collection focuses on introducing the theoretical and methodological foundations of action research (AR). First, in the form of a primer in deploying and evaluating AR. This primer is designed to be relatively simple, but mainly interactive and, also, context- and client-based. That is, we discuss the different components of an action research program based on how relevant a particular component was thought to be for the intended context and as a result of the intended process for the clients. Needless to say, the different websites listed in this collection will be revised and updated as we receive comments and suggestions from the readers/participants.

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Relevant publications on the subject of action research teaching, evaluation, the ethics of AR Pedagogy, and participatory feminism are also posted on this site.

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Recent Submissions

  • Action Research Pedagogy in a New Cultural Setting: The Syrian Experience. 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Sage, 2007-09)
    I discuss a unique action research (AR) pedagogical experience of professors at four public universities (Damascus, Aleppo, Al-Ba'ath, and Tishreen) in the Syrian Arab Republic. The approach in this experience began by ...
  • Is Language the Object of Literacy among United States Female Adult Learners? 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (The New York State Reading Association, 1999)
    We present a case-study of adult females becoming "literate." Low income female learners in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and recent immigrant learners in English as a Second Language (ESL), and their teachers in Central New ...
  • Future of Social Sciences and Humanities in Corporate Universities: Curricula, Exclusions, Inclusions, and Voice 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (The Cornell Institute for European Studies Working Papers Series, 2001)
    During three preceding sessions of the Institute for European Studies (IES) Topical Seminar, three themes were discussed: (1) The university as a corporation, focusing on faculty involvement and partnership with the ...
  • Evaluation Model for an Undergraduate Action Research Program 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez; Greenwood, Davydd J.; Burns, Melissa Grace; Finnie, Jamecia Lynn (The University of Victoria, 2004)
    In this paper, we will articulate how the model of "evaluation being central to learning, teaching, and living Action Research (AR)" has evolved. This model was developed as part of the Bartels Undergraduate Fellows Program ...
  • An Ethical Theory of Action Research Pedagogy 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (SAGE Publications, 2006)
    The theory of action research (AR) pedagogy presented in this article is, at its core, ethical in nature. For teaching, learning, and evaluating AR, the theory's goal is to increase individuals' capacity to act on their ...
  • A Bilingual Primer in Deploying and Evaluating Action Research: 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Nimat Hafez Barazangi, 2005-12-15)
    A Primer in Deploying and Evaluating Action Research. The following pages/slides (images) focus on introducing the State-of-the-art in theoretical and methodological foundations of action research (AR) in the form of ...
  • Participatory Feminsim (PARFem) 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Nimat Hafez Barazangi (web site), 2001-07-31)
    Given that Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Feminisms (Fem) share "process" as one of the fundamental principles in their philosophy and practice, we can only set the preliminary goal and objectives of the PARticipatory ...


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