This collection is intended to access the learner to most of the files that are allowed through the copyrights permission. Learners will sample Dr. Nimat Hafez Barazangi's major scholarly works in the fields of Islamic identity development and education, feminist, women, and gender studies, and action research. Not all of these scholarly resources listed under this collection are available on this site as PDF files. Yet, Dr. Barazangi's monograph translation into Arabic is available under Qira'a Jadida lil Qura'n: Al Huwiya al Dhatiya lil Mar'a and view her most recent video (in Arabic) Absence of Muslim Women in Shaping and Developing Islamic Thought.

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Recent Submissions

  • Women’s Identity and Rethinking the Hadith 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Ashgate | Routledge, 2015)
    The Prophet Muhammad’s reported traditions have evolved significantly to affect the social, cultural, and political lives of all Muslims. Though centuries of scholarship were spent on the authentication and trustworthiness ...
  • The Equilibrium: Issues of Islamic Education in the United States 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Religion and Education, 1998)
    The theme of this special edition of Religion and Education (R&E) on "Issues of Islamic Education" is taqwa. Taqwa is an Arabic word often translated oversimply as "piety," but which bears the meaning of "a conscious balance ...
  • Religious Education 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Oxford University Press, 2009)
    Internal political and social movements of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries neglected Islamic education within the Muslim world and allowed external secular and missionary ideas to turn it into "religious" ...
  • Educational Reform 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Oxford University Press, 2009)
    The dynamic relationship between political, social and educational changes is central to determining whether educational reform occurred in the Muslim world during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Changes in curricular ...
  • Da`una Natakalam: Mufakirat Amrikiyat Yaftahn Nawafidh al Iman `Ala `Alam Mutagheyr 

    Barazangi, Nimat Hafez (Dar Al-Fikr, 2002)
    See attached Arabic abstract.

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