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dc.contributor.authorde Rond, Mark
dc.descriptionThe abstract, table of contents, and first twenty-five pages are published with permission from the Cornell University Press. For ordering information, please visit the Cornell University Press at
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt from jacket] Doctors at War is a candid account of a trauma surgical team based, for a tour of duty, at a field hospital in Helmand, Afghanistan. Mark de Rond tells of the highs and lows of surgical life in hard-hitting detail, bringing to life a morally ambiguous world in which good people face impossible choices and in which routines designed to normalize experience have the unintended effect of highlighting war's absurdity. With stories that are at once comical and tragic, de Rond captures the surreal experience of being a doctor at war. He lifts the cover on a world rarely ever seen, let alone written about, and provides a poignant counterpoint to the archetypical, adrenaline-packed, macho tale of what it is like to go to war.
dc.subjecttrauma surgery
dc.titleDoctors at War: Life and Death in a Field Hospital
dc.typebook chapter
dc.description.legacydownloadsde_Rond__Doctors_at_War.pdf: 264 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.
local.authorAffiliationde Rond, Mark: Cambridge University

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