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dc.contributor.authorBaker & McKenzie
dc.description.abstractBaker & McKenzie’s Global Employment Practice Group is pleased to present its 57th issue of The Global Employer™ entitled “Recent Trends and Developments in Employment and Labor Law” In this issue, we review changes to the law in 2014, and the impact of those changes on seven jurisdictions. Among the topics addressed inside, are a look at high profile judicial rulings and legislative changes that took place in Argentina which have a continuing impact on both employees and employers. In China, we offer a review of key details to be aware of with relation to labor dispatch, work safety and collective bargaining, while in Hong Kong we review the introduction of paternity leave, new protections against sexual harassment and the publishing of the discrimination law review. In the Philippines, trends, developments and changes related to monthly contribution rates to the Philippine Social Security System, labor laws compliance certification system, and licensing for recruiting companies are addressed. Other overviews include the top labor law developments of 2014 in Ukraine, the calculation of holiday pay in light of the CJEU's decisions in two key cases in the UK and 2014 significant labor developments in light of NLRB decisions in the US. In this issue, you will also find updates on paid sick time trends in the US and new sanction rules related to working hours in Sweden.
dc.rightsRequired Publisher Statement: Copyright by Baker & McKenzie. Document posted with special permission by the copyright holder.
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dc.subjectlabor law
dc.subjectemployment law
dc.subjectlabor rights
dc.subjectlabor market
dc.titleThe Global Employer: Recent Trends and Developments in Employment and Labor Law
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