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dc.contributor.authorSzczygiel, Chris
dc.description.abstractGreening vacant lots is one of the most cost effective ways for Buffalo to improve its neighborhoods. At a bare minimum, Buffalo can combat blight, raise property values, raise property tax revenue, lower crime rates and improve residents’ quality of life with a simple program to clean up, green up, and maintain vacant lots. Vacant lots are also prime locations for parks, playgrounds, bike trails, walking paths, community gardens and urban farms. Greening lots can benefit a community in different ways - providing jobs, educational opportunities, a rallying point and source of pride for a neighborhood, a place for children to play, or a very local source of fresh, nutritious food. Many local organizations are engaged in greening lots, including Community Action Organization of Erie County, Grassroots Gardens, Groundwork Buffalo, Massachusetts Avenue Project, and PUSH Buffalo.
dc.subjectParks/Gardens/Green Spaces
dc.subjectPolicy Brief
dc.subjectPoverty/Income Inequality
dc.titleGreening Buffalo's Vacant Lots
dc.description.legacydownloadsEnvironment__Greening_Buffalo_s_Vacant_Lots.pdf: 33 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.

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