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dc.contributor.authorGusain, Nikita
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] Global competition and an evolved business landscape has led organizations to take measures to learn and grow at an accelerated pace. With developed economies moving towards the service industry, human capital and its development have become key business prerogatives. Businesses are constantly competing for talent. “Since high potential talent is in high demand, companies who are unable to readily buy talent are turning to growing their own talent in-house.” Leadership development and developing a pipeline of leaders are consistently the number one or two priorities for HR leaders globally. A SHRM report shows ‘improving leadership development’ as the number one priority of HR in 2007 and this is expected to be the number two priority in 2015
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dc.subjectHR Review
dc.subjectleadership development
dc.subjecthuman capital
dc.subjecttalent development
dc.titleTalent Acquisition vs Development: With a Focus on Leadership Development Programs
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local.authorAffiliationGusain, Nikita: Cornell University

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