Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 18 (1991)

Let's Get Moving! Organizing for the '90's

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  • The MCLR Reporter 

    LeRoy, Greg (1991-09-01)
    Contains "Salute to Jack Metzgar," "Conference Puts Forth New Vision," "MCLR Research Dept. News".
  • Labor Bookshelf 

    Oppenheim, Lisa (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] If there were one book I'd recommend to individuals who are excited by this issue of LRR, it would be Myles Horton's autobiography, The Long Haul. Horton founded the Highlander Folk School in Appalachia in 1932 ...
  • Time For an Organizers Association: An Overhaul for the Long Haul 

    Fellner, Kim (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] We all know that charity alone will not solve the problems we face. Racism and sexism. Economic exploitation. Homelessness. Hunger. Illiteracy. Environmental destruction. These are not misfortunes but injustices. ...
  • Committed to Organizing: An Interview with Richard Bensinger, Director, AFL-CIO Organizing Institute 

    Metzgar, Jack (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] The Institute's materials emphasize that organizing is difficult, frustrating work. But it's also the best job in America because it is personally rewarding to help workers organize and fight against injustice. ...
  • Using People Power 

    Eckstein, Enid (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Local unions across the country are tapping into an important and underutilized resource as they seek to organize new members and reverse the disastrous decline in union membership. Rank-andfile union members are ...
  • Women's Ways of Organizing: A Conversation with AFSCME Organizers Kris Rondeau and Gladys McKenzie 

    Oppenheim, Lisa (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Their signs declare: "We believe in ourselves." They speak about values: we cut our apples in half and share them; those who are strong carry those who are weaker until they can become stronger They talk about ...
  • Come Join Us! Volunteer Organizing From a Local-Union Base 

    Babson, Steve (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Four months later, May 3, 1991, Delta workers elected to join the UAW by a vote of 68 to 58. The small numbers belie the real significance of this achievement, for Delta is the largest Japanese-owned supplier yet ...
  • The Power and Promise of Community Unionism 

    Banks, Andy (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Shaffer's statement portrays an emerging vision of union organizing that represents a dramatic departure from the way most unions have been organizing workers for the past 40 years. Borrowing from the city wide ...
  • The Pressure is On: Organizing Without the NLRB 

    Crump, Joe (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Ask the typical union organizer to define success and he or she will probably say, "Winning elections." Many labor organizations, including ours, have found out that winning a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ...
  • Let's Get Moving: Labor's survival depends on organizing industry-wide for justice and power 

    Lerner, Stephen (1991-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Despite our almost universal lack of significant organizing victories, we continue to organize in basically the same way we have for the last 37 years. Labor's model for organizing remains a site-by-site NLRB ...

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