Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 15(1990)

Privatization & Contracting Out

Recent Submissions

  • Subcontracting: Innovative Labor Strategies 

    Helper, Sue (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Over the past 15 years, U.S. corporations have searched desperately for ways to turn back stiff foreign competition. One of their strategies has been subcontracting—letting work out to outside firms, so as to ...
  • Justice for Janitors: The Challenge of Organizing In Contract Services 

    Howley, John (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] In 1988 Omar Vasconez, a commercial office janitor in New York City, earned $11.29-an-hour plus full benefits. In Atlanta, janitor Mary Jenkins was earning $3.40-an-hour with no benefits. While Mary could be fired ...
  • It's Never Too Late: Office Workers at Bethlehem Steel 

    Needleman, Ruth (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Once jobs are contracted out, it's an uphill battle to bring them back into a bargaining unit — even if the union has strong contract language. If the jobs never did belong to the union and there is no favorable ...
  • Temporary in Tennessee: CATS for Stable Jobs 

    Yount, Linda; Williams, Susan (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Morristown is a mid-sized town in the mountains of upper east Tennessee. Like the rest of Tennessee, Morristown has a low rate of unionization and has seen minimal organizing on workplace and fair labor issues. ...
  • Growing the Post Office: The Canadian Campaign 

    Lee, Caroline (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has fought Canada Post's privatization plan every step of the way. With strikes and public demonstrations, at the bargaining table and in the community, CUPW has fought ...
  • Cottage Cheese or Chicken? An AFSCME Fight for Public Food Service 

    Magid, Marcia (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Confronted with mounting fiscal problems, many state and local government officials consider privatization or contracting out of public services a "quick fix" for their difficulties. The on-the-job experience of ...
  • Fighting on Many Fronts: SEIU in Los Angeles 

    McNichol, Liz (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has a unique perspective on the issue of contracting out because it represents both public and private workers in industries which involve significant contract ...
  • Showdown at Nacogdoches: The CWA in Texas 

    Fetonte, Danny; Braden, Larry (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] When a state university in the East Texas town of Nacogdoches decided to contract out and de-unionize 156 food service jobs in 1985, they did not expect to face a fight that would mobilize the combined strength ...
  • Privatizing Philly vs. AFSCME DC 33 

    Cohen, Ann; Dooley, James (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] "One word from me and the traffic lights don't work, the bridges don't open, the trash isn't collected and the heat in all the city buildings is cut off," boasted former AFSCME DC 33 President Earl Stout in 1975. ...
  • Privatization: Selling America To the Lowest Bidder 

    Bilik, Al (1990-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Elected officials and citizens are now learning in hundreds of communities that privatization is not the way to improve the quality and efficiency of public services. Cities such as New York and Phoenix, where ...


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