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    • Mismanagement: Labor's Rightful Cause 

      LeRoy, Greg (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] Mismanagement is so widespread and its effects upon job security, wages and standards are so damaging to labor that unions must expand the traditional boundaries of their authority and begin to experiment with ...
    • Apartheid in Miami: Transit Workers Challenge the System 

      Banks, Andy; Grenier, Guillermo (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] The story that follows will show how Dade County officials and the downtown Miami business establishment attempted to bust the transit union and dismantle a vital public transportation service to Miami's minority, ...
    • Firing the Boss! The Steelworkers at Wheeling-Pitt 

      Metzgar, Jack (1987-04-01)
      An interview with Paul Rusen, former USWA District Director.
    • Quality of Worklife As A Weapon Against Mismanagement 

      Grenier, Guillermo; Banks, Andy (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] The debate within the labor movement over the merits of quality of worklife (QWL) or "employee involvement" programs has concentrated primarily on two positions. One side sees QWL as a way to improve working ...
    • A UAW Fight for Product Quality 

      Matuszak, Mike (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] Blytheville, Arkansas, a Bible belt community in a Right-to-Work state, is an unlikely site for a major labor dispute. But for almost a decade, it has witnessed a bitter struggle between an auto supply company ...
    • Building Union With Pension Money 

      Unknown author (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] Walton then approached the trustees of the jointlymanaged union pension fund, and showed how the fund could act as both developer and banker and could invest in major construction projects which would be built ...
    • Machinists Saved $137 Million At Eastern 

      Abrecht, Stephen B. (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] In December 1983 the Machinists at Eastern Airlines agreed to a contract which stipulated, among other things, that in 1984 the union would work with management to identify and implement $22 million in cost savings ...
    • Machinist vs. Mismanagement at Eastern Airlines 

      Baicich, Paul J. (1987-04-01)
      IAM 100 leaders interviewed by Paul J. Baicich.
    • Whose Job Is It, Anyway? Capital Strategies for Labor 

      Barber, Randy (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] When corporate mergers and takeovers create massively debt-ridden new entities, with the resulting pressures to sell off assets, reduce costs (especially wages) and close "marginal" operations, it is the company's ...
    • A UE Campaign Against Disinvestment 

      Boardman, Christine (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] The UE International had previously emphasized to the local the need to launch a campaign to avert any type of plant closing. Local research did not paint a pretty picture of Stewart-Warner's future in Chicago. ...
    • A Model in Massachusetts? A Follow-Up 

      Early, Steve; Schippani, Mike (1987-04-01)
      [Excerpt] Mike Schippani's discussion of the "social compact" alternative to mandatory plant closing legislation (in "Massachusetts & Mature Industries," LRR 9, Fall 1986) seriously understates the price that workers have ...
    • The Union Bug 

      B.D.; Dino (1987-04-01)
      A cartoon.