Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 7 (1985)

New Tactics for Labor

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  • How Bad a Deal Is Weirton Steel? 

    Rosen, Corey; Lynd, Staughton (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Your issue on worker ownership was excellent. It should be a very useful document for many union people. I would like to raise two points, however.
  • Quality of Worklife from a Labor Perspective: A Review Essay on Inside the Circle 

    Needleman, Ruth (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt]Early union advocates of quality of worklife (QWL) programs envisioned a movement to reform the workplace and to re-educate management to recognize and reward workers for their intelligence, resourcefulness and ...
  • Time & Timing in Corporate Campaigns: IBEW 1466 vs. Southern Ohio Electric 

    Kellock, Susan (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Although it has taken almost a decade to gain formal recognition, it has finally happened. In February, 1985 the AFL-CIO announced its endorsement of corporate campaigns, and encouraged affiliates to consider ...
  • A Wobbly-Bred Campaign in Minnesota 

    Gagala, Ken (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] In December 1984 Local P-9 of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) launched a "corporate campaign" to restore wage cuts imposed by the George A. Hormel Company. While the campaign continues today, it has ...
  • Strengths & Limits of Non-Workplace Strategies 

    Mishel, Lawrence (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Corporate campaigns are increasingly used by unions to fight recalcitrant employers, and campaign tactics—like protests at stockholders meetings—are spreading. With the continuing employer assault on established ...
  • Economic Conversation: Converting Tanks in Indiana 

    LeRoy, Greg; Feekin, Lynn (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Since the summer of 1984, the Calumet Project for Industrial Jobs has been involved in a public campaign to save the Blaw-Knox plant in the Calumet steel region of Northwest Indiana. The process of organizing the ...
  • Economic Conversation: Conversion & the Labor Movement 

    Compa, Lance (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] There is nothing mysterious about economic conversion. Broadly speaking, it is the transformation of a manufacturing process making a certain end product to another activity leading to a different end product, ...
  • In-Plant Strategies: "Running the Plant Backwards" in UAW Region 5 

    Metzgar, Jack (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt]Besides the Boilermakers, few unions have accumulated much experience with "in-plant strategies." United Autoworkers Region 5, however, has piled up an impressive record of victories using tactics similar to those ...
  • UE 610 Finds Another Way to Beat WABCO 

    Unknown author (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] UE Local 610 attracted a lot of attention in 1982 when in the teeth of the worst recession since the 1930s and as the first wave of concessions contracts was reaching its crest, it endured a six-month strike to ...
  • The Legal Right to Concerted Activity 

    Charpentier, Elaine (1985-09-01)
    [Excerpt] An important aspect of in-plant strategies is the use of legal rights guaranteed to all employees by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and by safety and health legislation. Exercise of these rights is ...

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