Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 6 (1985)

Workers as Owners

Recent Submissions

  • Debate: Reply to Swinney 

    Slott, Mike (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Dan Swinney's response to my article is flawed in three respects. First, Dan doesn't adequately address the theoretical arguments and empirical data I presented to support my position. Second, he misrepresents ...
  • Debate: Worker Ownership: A Tactic for Labor 

    Swinney, Dan (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Two years ago Taylor Forge, a subsidiary of Gulf + Western, I closed. I had worked there for almost eight years as a production I machinist, and I was Grievance Chairman of United Steelworkers Local 8787. During ...
  • Debate: The Case Against Worker Ownership 

    Slott, Mike (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Let's not underestimate the problem we face. American employers may not have a solution to the long-term crisis of the world economy, but they have developed a coherent strategy to weaken the labor movement. ...
  • Who Will Benefit from ESOPs? 

    Rothschild-Whitt, Joyce (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] In the past decade, the number of worker-owned firms or ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) has been growing geometrically. The national law granting tax incentives to ESOPs was passed in 1975, and since then ...
  • Why We Opposed the Buyout at Weirton Steel 

    Lynd, Staughton (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] On March 2, 1982, the National Steel conglomerate announced that it would make no further investments in its Weirton Steel division because a higher rate of profit could be made elsewhere. In the same press release ...
  • ESOPs & CO-OPs: Worker Capitalism & Worker Democracy 

    Ellerman, David P. (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The broad purpose of the labor movement has always been to further the economic self-determination of workers, to maximize working people's control over their economic destiny. Self-determination is the goal, but ...
  • Valley of Steel 

    Stout, Mike (1985-04-01)
    A song by Mike Stout.
  • The Hyatt-Clark ESOP: An Interview with Jim May, UAW Local 736 President 

    Unknown author (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] In August 1980 General Motors announced that it was closing its Hyatt Roller Bearing Plant in Clark, New Jersey The union leadership at United Autoworkers Local 736, which had a history of militancy and a ...
  • Lessons From Three UAW Locals 

    Livingston, Craig (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpt] When plants close down, workers are usually desperate for a remedy. In these tragic circumstances, the prospect of a worker buy-out to keep the plant operating has overwhelming appeal. The role unions play can ...
  • A Lost Dream: Worker Control at Rath Packing 

    Redmon, Gene; Mueller, Chuck; Daniels, Gene (1985-04-01)
    [Excerpted from Introduction by Gene Daniels] The story of Rath Packing Company of Waterloo, Iowa, is alternately a model of the American Dream and the story of a dream turned nightmare. Started in Iowa in 1891 with a ...


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