Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 5 (1984)

Fighting Shutdowns

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  • Film Review: The Last Pullman Car 

    Pasnick, Ray (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] The Last Pullman Car is the latest film produced by Kartemquin Films, a Chicago-based group of award-winning documentary filmmakers led by Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal. The film chronicles the plight of ...
  • Film Review: The Business of America 

    Feinglass, Joe (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] In the Business of America, the filmakers-at California Newsreel have once again demonstrated their ability to produce lively and substantive documentary on economic issues. In the late 1970s, they produced ...
  • Book Review: Steelworkers Rank and File 

    Hirsch, Mike (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] Phil Nyden has established a reputation as a scholar with a deep personal commitment to the prospects of a genuine, grass-roots-based militant unionism. With a sensitivity too rare among outside observers, Nyden ...
  • Book Review: Concessions - and how to beat them 

    Metzgar, Jack (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] As the title of her book indicates, Jane Slaughter is not afraid to be didactic. This valuable handbook, written for secondary leaders and rank-and-file activists, not only provides a history and sum-up of the ...
  • Up Against More Gloom and Doom 

    Barber, Randy; Banks, Andrew R. (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] The signing on December 7, 1983, of the financial-relief-and-worker-role-in-management agreement at Eastern Air Lines marked the culmination of a four-year effort by IAM District 100 to respond effectively to ...
  • Rejoinder 

    Compa, Lance; Baicich, Paul J. (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] Most of Randy Barber and Andrew R. Banks' response to our analysis of the "District 100 model" exaggerates our arguments, then goes on to attack the exaggerated versions.
  • Model Struggle, Yes. Model Contract, No. 

    Compa, Lance; Baicich, Paul J. (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] As the largest airline union and one with a tradition of hard-nosed bargaining, the IAM and the role of its District 100 at Eastern have become the focus of discussion in and out of the labor movement. Political ...
  • The IAM 100 "Model": A Debate 

    Metzgar, Jack (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] The last issue of Labor Research Review was devoted to what we called "the IAM District 100 model" for fighting concessions. Six articles over more than 90 pages explained the complex and sophisticated campaign ...
  • Is the Press Anti-Labor Or Just Out of Touch... 

    Hoyt, Michael (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] At 12:01 a.m., November 1, All Saints' Day 1983, the Chrysler Corporation's stamping plant in Twinsburg, Ohio, suddenly fell silent. Members of United Auto Workers Local 122 shut down their machines for a strike. ...
  • Killing Jobs with "Cooperation": the GM Memo 

    Russo, John (1984-06-01)
    [Excerpt] As the UAW and General Motors prepare for difficult negotiations for a 1984 national contract, a leaked document by GM's Vice-President of Industrial Relations Alfred Warren has severely embarrassed both company ...

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