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    • AFL-CIO Legislative Guide, 2009 

      AFL-CIO (2009-01-01)
      The AFL-CIO Legislative Guide for 2009 addresses federal issues and pending legislation around organizing, bargaining, economic recovery, workplace issues, health care, and labor law.
    • AFL-CIO Legislative Guide: 112th Congress (2011–2012) 

      AFL-CIO (2011-01-01)
      The AFL-CIO Legislative Guide for the 112th Congress covers the following issues as they relate to labor and public policy: The Economy Freedom to Form a Union Health Care Retirement Security Core Labor Laws, Labor Standards ...
    • Exercising Authority, Restoring Accountability: AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines 

      AFL-CIO (2003-01-01)
      [Excerpt] We are pleased to provide trustees of union benefit funds with revised AFL-CIO Proxy Voting Guidelines. These Guidelines have been updated to reflect major regulatory reforms enacted in 2002 and 2003, and to ...
    • Retirement Security: How Do Investment Managers Stack Up? 

      AFL-CIO (2006-08-24)
      [Excerpt] The retirement security of working families is under attack as never before. Many financial firms have overtly or covertly supported recent efforts to privatize Social Security and to convert traditional defined ...
    • Who's on our Side? A Report on the State of America's Working Families 

      AFL-CIO (2006-02-01)
      [Excerpt] Last month, President Bush attempted to paint a rosy picture of the economy and the State of our Union. But a close look at the daily lives of working families across the nation tells a different story. Things ...