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    • AFL-CIO Legislative Guide, 2009 

      AFL-CIO (2009-01-01)
      The AFL-CIO Legislative Guide for 2009 addresses federal issues and pending legislation around organizing, bargaining, economic recovery, workplace issues, health care, and labor law.
    • Manufacturing Insecurity: America's Manufacturing Crisis and the Erosion of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base 

      Yudken, Joel (2010-09-01)
      [Excerpt] The purpose of this report, conducted by High Road Strategies, LLC (HRS) of Arlington, VA is to examine the extent of this unraveling, and the resulting weakening of America’s defense industrial capacity in the ...
    • The Bush Record on Shipping Jobs Overseas 

      AFL-CIO (2004-08-01)
      [Excerpt] Over the past three years, the U.S. trade deficit has exploded and hundreds of thousands of jobs have disappeared overseas. President Bush has not been an idle bystander in this process—he has actively abetted ...