This collection includes documents published by international organizations or authors.

The Key Workplace Documents series was established by Stuart Basefsky, an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau for the Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS). Content for the series is currently selected by librarians and staff of the Catherwood Library.

Recent Submissions

  • Writing Web Logs 

    Lu, Norman; Serrat, Olivier (2009-03-01)
    {Excerpt} A web log, in its various forms, is a web-based application on which dated entries of commentary descriptions of events,or other material such as graphics or video are posted. A weblog enables groups of people ...
  • Working in Teams 

    Serrat, Olivier (2009-03-01)
    {Excerpt} Cooperative work by a team can produce remarkable results. The challenge is to move from the realm of the possible to the realm of practice. Groups that range from two persons to many are a very big part of social ...
  • Wearing Six Thinking Hats 

    Serrat, Olivier (2009-06-01)
    {Excerpt} The difference between poor and effective teams lies not so much in their collective mental equipment but in how well they use their abilities to think together. The Six Thinking Hats technique helps actualize ...
  • Impact of the Financial Crisis on Finance Sector Workers 

    Sendanyoye, John (2009-02-24)
    [Excerpt] The purpose of this paper is to briefly review the background, causes, characteristics and trajectory of the ongoing financial and economic crisis; to define the financial services sector, its occupations and ...
  • Global Employment Trends: January 2009 

    International Labour Organization (2009-01-01)
    [Excerpt] The global financial crisis has triggered a serious slowdown in world economic growth including recession in the largest industrialized countries. Enterprises have stopped hiring and many are laying off workers ...
  • Global Employment Trends for Women - March 2008 

    International Labour Office (2008-03-01)
    [Excerpt] In 2007, 1.2 billion women around the world worked, almost 200 million or 18.4 per cent more than ten years ago. But, the number of unemployed women also grew from 70.2 to 81.6 million over the same period and ...
  • Value Cycles for Development Outcomes 

    Serrat, Olivier (2009-07-01)
    {Excerpt} Development work is a knowledge-intensive process that is fed by knowledge services and knowledge solutions. Projects are the primary mechanism by which strategic change is brought about. Value cycles can maximize ...
  • Using Plain English 

    Serrat, Olivier (2008-10-01)
    {Excerpt} Many people write too much, bureaucratically, and obscurely. Using plain English will save time in writing, make writing far easier, and improve understanding. Reports are a visible part of work. They remain and ...
  • Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World 

    United Nations Environment Programme (2008-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World assembles evidence—quantitative, anecdotal, and conceptual—for currently existing green jobs in key economic sectors (renewable energy, buildings ...
  • Understanding Complexity 

    Serrat, Olivier (2009-11-01)
    {Excerpt} In development agencies, paradigms of linear causality condition much thinking and practice. They encourage command-and-control hierarchies, centralize decision making, and dampen creativity and innovation. ...

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