The Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) is an international center devoted to advancing the HR function and providing corporate partners with critical tools for building and leading high-performing human resource organizations. CAHRS’ mission is to bring together partners and the Cornell ILR School’s world-renowned HR Studies faculty to investigate, translate and apply the latest HR research into practice excellence.

CAHRS events and information provide partners four key ways to help advance their HR function: 1) Access to thought-leadership, best practices and new research, 2) opportunities to build global networks for enhanced sharing and learning from other leading companies, 3) access to new talent and opportunities to shape development of HR students in the Cornell ILR School, which is consistently ranked as the top source of international human resource talent in the world, and 4) expert educational programs for developing HR talent.

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  • My Manager Moved: Manager Mobility and Subordinate Career Outcomes 

    Beck, Minseo; Bidwell, Mathew; Keller, J. R. (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-08)
    Managers change jobs with some frequency. Considerable research has focused on the implications of these moves for both the managers and their organizations. But what about subordinates who are left behind? What happens ...
  • Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being During COVID-19 and Beyond 

    Jordan, Tiffany; Mladenovic, Nate (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-03)
    Employee health and well-being, long concerns of corporations, took center stage with the advent of COVID-19. Just before the pandemic, major companies were spending an average of 3.5 million a year on special programs to ...
  • Remote Work in the Time of COVID-19: Key Learnings and Implications 

    Jung, Hae-Song; Silva, Ralf (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-02)
    Until recently, remote work was a way of life in a few firms, a hit or miss proposition in others, and a twinkle in the eyes of many more. With COVID-19, all bets were off; suddenly remote work became a way of life for ...
  • An Active Learning Model of Diversity Training 

    Roberson, Quinetta; Moore, Ozias; Bell, Brad (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-05)
    United States companies spend an estimated $8 billion dollars annually on diversity training, which currently is a fixture in nearly all Fortune 500 companies, as well as a majority of mid-sized firms. Naturally, researchers ...
  • HR Career Development in the Face of HR Transformation 

    Serbin, Jeff; Williams, Sabrina (2019-12)
    [Excerpt] As HR transformation continues, many of the foundational experiences in a traditional HR career path are either no longer needed or look very different today. Transformation often takes the form of advancements ...
  • The Future of Work 

    Le, Brianna; Mourikes, Dimitra; Roy, Sudip (2020-06)
    A host of technological, sociodemographic, and economic shifts are shaping the future of work. For example, technological advancement presents crucial implications for work and workers, and sociodemographic and economic ...
  • Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being at Work: The Role of the Manager 

    Jordan, Tiffany; Mladenovic, Nate (2021-01)
    [Excerpt] Burnout can become that much more common when collective stress affects all employees. And the benefits of community may be all the more fleeting when employees are working from home indefinitely. This unprecedented ...
  • Future of Remote Work in the Time of COVID-19 

    Jung, Hae-Song; Silva, Ralf (2021-01)
    This research paper has a particular focus on illuminating how companies shifted their remote-work related attitudes and strategies as a result of their learnings from the pandemic. We have gathered these insights to help ...
  • HRM and Performance: What’s Next? 

    Paauwe, Jaap; Boselie, Jean Paul (2005-07-22)
    The last decade of empirical research on the added value of human resource management (HRM), also known as the HRM and Performance debate, demonstrates evidence that ‘HRM does matter’ (Huselid, 1995; Guest, Michie, Conway ...
  • The Role of Corporate HR Funcitons in MNCs: The Interplay Between Corporate, Regional/National and Plant Level 

    Farndale, Elaine; Paauwe, Jaap (2005-03-01)
    The HR literature has been abundant in providing typologies of the roles of HR professionals in their organisation. These typologies are largely related to the changing nature of HRM over time, and the context in which ...

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