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    • A User's Guide to Bringing a Private Nuisance Action 

      Parisi, Ryan (2009-11-20)
      The first element of private nuisance is an “interference substantial in nature.” This leads to the question: what is substantial? Whether interference is substantial depends largely on the facts and circumstances of each ...
    • Landscapers and Grounds Keepers 

      Parisi, Ryan (2010-04-20)
      The tasks of a landscaper or groundskeeper in the Buffalo region vary by the time of year and even the day. The jobs include mowing lawns, “edging” driveways and sidewalks, trimming bushes, trees and other vegetation, ...
    • The Problem of Worker Misclassification 

      Parisi, Ryan (2010-04-27)
      Employee misclassification is a significant problem that continues to plague the labor market. Unscrupulous and unknowing employers alike are costing individual workers and society tremendously. Not only are workers missing ...